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march 2014
Obviously you can also purchase it from us directly at the gigs listed below. Tristan will be performing live the following dates ithis month: 01-3-2014 Oude Pothuys, Utrecht 16-3-2014 Provadja, Alkmaar 18-3-2014 Live uit Loyd, Radio Rijnmond 22-3-2014 Tros muziekcafe (Radio 2), De Vorstin, Hilversum 28-3-2014 Cafe De Kroeg, Arnhem Be sure to keep an eye on our youtube channel as well. We are about to upload the next promo clip. Again a live recording we did @ the Fendal Sound Studios. This time it's the title track of our 'Full Power' featuring the band plus backings, horn-section and strings all at once. To keep these clips coming, we just finished a day of recording/filming @ Gebouw T – in Bergen Op Zoom, Holland. We successfully tracked 3 different songs from Full Power, again in a live kind of atmosphere. No overdubs whatsoever. The band is becoming tighter and tighter each time we play.